Friday, June 22, 2012


In the morning I head back to the canal.  I am planning to meet Cindy near Biarritz.  Canal is easy riding as with a bike path and shade trees.  In Toulouse I find urgent email from Cindy.  I spend two hours of emailing back and forth while I am keep a careful eye on the bike and gear, as it is crowded and lots of people passing by.  A general route is decided on.  Taking another canal route to Bordeaux I try to get 20 miles in before finding a camp.  I do make it the twenty and then takes another 15 miles to find a camp at 9 pm.  I am thinking It a put in a long day tomorrow I will get to Cindy’s location as she heads south.
Saint Aigman
72.3 miles, 7:25 moving time, Max Speed 27.2, Moving Average 8.7, 
 Stop Time 4:56, Overall Average Speed 5.8,   Start 9:00 and 21:00  Accent 934 Feet  Sunny hot day.

Love & Kisses

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