Monday, June 25, 2012

Lacanau Lac

Hey, wait for me

Later start but it was good after a couple of century days riding.  We headed back the way I came last evening.  Found a pleasant empty second of beach after lunch.  After doing a bit of the narrow path decide to head over the ways to the road for a smother ride.  At camp found the spot with mosquitoes. 
I am converting as distance discussions need to in the same measurement.  So measurements are going to metric.  It will also give me bigger numbers so that will look more impressive, except for the accent as feet numbers are more impressive than meters.  I just need to start thinking in terms of kilometers instead of miles as Cindy uses them and the road signs are all in kilometers.  Time does not seem to change and I am not sure why that is?
Lacanau Lac
60.2 Kilometers, 5:04 moving time, Max Speed 65.5 k, Moving Average 11.9, 
 Stop Time 8:18, Overall Average Speed 4.5 k,   Start 11:00 and 18:00  Accent 152 meters 
Very light rain and fog

Love & Kisses

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