Monday, June 18, 2012

Col Du Cabaretou

Next morning I head to the next town searching for food.  No stores or market.  As I start to leave I see some people heading home with baguettes.  I spot a van that is selling the baguettes from the back.  They have fresh croissants also.  The gods are good to me as it was about to head for the next town.  I continue on through the hills and one villages store allows me to restock.  Looking at the route I decide to turn south and cut out an extra days travel to Carcassonne as the hills are nice but there is nothing I particuly want to see on the lonely planet route.  I find a nice forest camping spot.  As I start to put up the tent I find miggies are covering my feet and legs as they start on a early dinner.  I speed up my camp setup time as the sandals do little to protect my feet.
Col Du Cabaretou Wild Camp
32.5 miles, 4:46 moving time, Max Speed 32.2, Moving Average 6.8, 
 Stop Time 3:57, Overall Average Speed 3.7,   Start 9:00 and 17:00  Accent 3345 Feet  Rainy wet cool day.

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