Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Col del la Madeleine

It was an easy ride down into Moutiers.  From there I headed to the base of the climb over the pass.  Kept taking the wrong turn and back tracking as I was not welcome on the highway.  Nice day and I got to spend most of it climbing over the pass “Col del la Madeleine”.  Nice views going up the valley.  At the top decided to work on the brakes as the rear was not stopping the bike.  With a little adjustment I had them working nicely again.  Came in handy when I figure out what the ! sign was for.  There was a small trench across the road and the brakes allowed me to leave skid marks as I did not want to cross that at 30+ miles an hour.
St Jean de Maurienne 
57.7 miles, 8:04 minutes moving, Max Speed 33.7, Moving Average 7.1, 
 Stop Time 4:24, Overall Average Speed 4.6,   Start 8:00 and 20:00  Accent 5531 Feet  Nice day.

Love & Kisses


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