Saturday, June 2, 2012


Looking at the map I decided that I had ended up near Chamonix that I should not run up the valley to visit.  Highway runs up the bottom of the valley.  Bike route runs on the hill sides.  Highway security pulled up when I ended up on the entrance ramp with him waving his finger at me.  I pointed to the other choice which was only marked as a dead end and he nodded that was the way to go.  Oh good lots of switchbacks up the long hill.  Chamonix had lots of tourist and good views of the mountain.  Saw the mountain I walked up many years ago as they would not let me on the lift with the plastic edge three pin skis.  I did get to the ski area and got to ski.  I found another camp that I was the only camper.
33.9 miles, 5:17 minutes moving, Max Speed 29.8, Moving Average 6.4, 
 Stop Time 5:15, Overall Average Speed 3.2,   Start10:40 and 20:30  Accent 2274 Feet  Nice day with rain in the evening

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