Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Vieux Plya

I am getting use to a new routine in the morning looking for a bakery for fresh lunch bread not croissants.  Then in the afternoon we look for veggies to cook for dinner, not stopping for pizza.  I keep telling myself that my body can handle the shock to its system.  The day is spent riding on a bike trail through the forest as the there is a large inlet from the sea that must be gone around.  In the evening we look for a spot to wild camp, but the forest is thick with many pointy plants that wish to stick to us.  We end up at a campground.  After dinner we climb the 100+ meter famed dune between us and the sea.  This is so we can roll down it to settle our dinner.  I am the first to find my insides are not use to spinning down a sand dune.  So I am off to the showers.   We get to hear the camps karaoke as we go to bed after midnight.  Yes, alcohol brings out the best unpracticed singer here in France.  They can find the most unusual harmonies to the music that is being played.
Vieux Plya
84.3 Kilometers, 5:05 moving time, Max Speed 34.8 k, Moving Average 16.6, 
 Stop Time 2:58, Overall Average Speed 10.4 k,   Start 11:00 and 18:00  Accent 140 meters 
Sunny day

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