Saturday, June 9, 2012


Spent a lot of the getting the blog updated.  Then I came across a bike shop that looked like they could work on my bike.  I have been getting a tick sound every time the peddle was in the top position.  I had them tighten the bottom bracket along with the peddle.  Plenty of grease and there is no more tick.  It was nice not to here that noise while peddling.  I get to the camp ground I am heading for after a grand daily total of 12 mile at just before 9:00 they close at eight.  They tell me through the gate “say la vie” and I am not impressed.  I head up the hill I was putting off.  The switchbacks are relatively easy.  I should climb more hills in the dark.  Find a place to camp ten feet from a gorge which has a creek 50 feet below at the top of the camp and I am not sure at the other end.  Nice spot other than the angle that encourages me to slide to the gorge as I sleep.
30.5 miles, 4:58 minutes moving, Max Speed 23.4, Moving Average 6.1, 
 Stop Time 10:14, Overall Average Speed 2.0,   09:30 and 24:00  Accent 1900 Feet  Little rain through the day.

Love & Kisses

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