Saturday, June 23, 2012

Canal route

I get an early start to get some mileage in.  Canal route was straight was about the same distance as the road.  I could make good time, but it was sunnier with not as may trees lining the route.  At seven I had come the end of the canal that had turned into an inlet from Bordeaux.  It took a while to find an internet connection where I found Cindy had not move locations.  I had all already gone a hundred mile plus.  It was over a hundred miles to her location.  It was time to find camping location.  The camp that Google maps showed me did not exist.  It was another night ride and only 12 miles to where the forests were on the map.  I came to a nice road side picnic tables and camped.  I was tired and could be seen from the road but I did not care.
Santernes roadside park
116 miles, 11:13 moving time, Max Speed 30.3, Moving Average 10.3, 
 Stop Time 3:52, Overall Average Speed 7.7,   Start 8:00 and 23:00  Accent 1459 Feet  Sunny hot day.

Love & Kisses

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