Sunday, June 10, 2012

More Gorges

Check out the gorge in the morning light.  It is quite nice.  Then I head up the valley.  I find I missed the route I was going for and I am rewarded with another gorge to ride in. 

There is a fork in the road and both options look good.  I ask my self "why am I going to Die".  It has been ask before, but currently there is a bit of urgency to the question.  Must I go to Die now, the answer is simply no.  I have no good answer.  I then think of going to Valence which means less hills and faster going.  I am going to Die.

It is starting to rain and so I head for a camp ground which is closed.  I push on and over the pass in a driving rain storm.  At the top I am rewarded with a tunnel to head down in and get out of the rain.  The other side puts me in fog and a driving rain storm where I must which out for the switch backs.  Freezing I continue down as I can’t get into the bags with this much rain coming down.  12 miles later I hit a town where I can get some cover and put on my warm jackets under my rain coat.  Tee shirt and rain coat were not doing it. 

My boots have filled with water running down my legs.  I am thinking that if I could just add soap I would not need to wash the socks this evening.  At the camp in Die the reception person keeps telling me about the hot showers.  I take the hint.>
59.9 miles, 8:41 minutes moving, Max Speed 35.3, Moving Average 6.9, 
 Stop Time 4:59, Overall Average Speed 4.4,   Start06:00 and 20:00  Accent 3661 Feet  Lots of rain in the afternoon.

Love & Kisses

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