Thursday, June 21, 2012

Lac Tessauque

I leave Carcassonne late.  Checking the internet and pondering on going the Pyrenees to Andorra.  I was thinking of the two day climb into the hills.  I could save a bit on a new camera but the savings would be used up on the number of croissants to get there and away.  I head for Toulouse by the canal route.  I end up on the wrong side of the canal on a small path with rose branches over the trail.  The only thing to smell is my blood if I am not careful.  Once on the paved trail riding was easier and in the shade.

Once again as evening came on I was hunting for camping.  Here as in other camps I keep running into Hollanders.  So thinking I could use a little Dutch as that is Cindy’s native language I asked the Hollander campers in the next spot over for a Dutch word to learn.  They tried for four words and I got a glass of wine.  Of the words they choose only two have stuck which is one word in Dutch (goedemorgen).
 Lac Tessauque
58.5 miles, 6:42 moving time, Max Speed 20.6, Moving Average 8.7, 
 Stop Time 5:56, Overall Average Speed 4.6,   Start 9:30 and 21:00  Accent 1118 Feet  Sunny hot day.

Love & Kisses

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