Sunday, August 12, 2012



Straits of Gibraltar

Gibraltar - The Rock

Walking on sand and biking yesterday did not help the leg.  Swelling moved to the ankle as the fluid settled and the calf has swollen back up.  Arch on the foot is black and blue from the blood settling. Were going to move a little further down the coast but decided why not just go to Africa,  I am still just using the heal to ride with.  As long as I keep the leg moving I am find it is starting and stopping that caused the leg to stiffen up and need to restretch the leg again.  As it is Sunday there is nothing really open so no last minute shopping.  It is interesting at the ferry ticket area as there are a number of different ticket offices selling tickets on the same ferry.  We are taking the first ferry to Ceuta.  We get there with the urge to find a room so we can call it a day.  First choice did not answer there door so we end up at choice number two paying a bit more. 

40.3 Kilometers, 2:43 Moving Time, Max Speed 57.2 k, Moving Average 14.8 k, 
 Stop Time 1:52 Overall Average Speed 8:7 k,   Start 12:30 end 19:00 Accent 466 meters.

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