Thursday, August 16, 2012

Rest and recovery

Cindy goes out and finds breakfast while I keep my leg up.  I do not like being immobile.  I spend the day in bed hoping the swelling will go down and working on the blog.  In the afternoon I go down to the internet café and upload stuff to my blog.  In the evening go out for dinner just after sunset.  Restaurants are closed for Ramadan so it takes few evenings to find a good place for dinner.  We here church bells quite clearly from our hotel room from the church next door.  It is strange not to hear the call to prayer from our hotel room Islamic country.  It is a nice church and even go in one evening when we see the doors open.  Just the clock on the church seems to be off as I lie in bed and count the bell tolls.  

 (No Pics)
No riding and I miss it.

Love & Kisses

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