Saturday, August 25, 2012


Riding today was on the highway which had a little shoulder. In one town I past a moped and the leg is feeling better. Okay the moped could have used a complete rebuild of the engine that I passed, but I left him eating 2 cycle oil. Found some rare shade for lunch with the smell of something dead in the air. The diesel was the pleasant smell of the day over the competing rotting garbage, something dead or shit smell that seemed to appear all to frequently along the road. The last 10 k kept smelling mint from the fields, which was a welcome smell over the diesel. Arrived in Kenitra at 15:00 with no guide book suggestions it was a little tricky finding a hotel.
81.5 Kilometers, 4:02 Moving Time, Max Speed 32.1 k, Moving Average 18.7 k, 
 Stop Time 1:29 Overall Average Speed 13.7 k,   Start 10:30 end 15:00 Accent 81 meters.
Sunny and hot

Love & Kisses

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