Friday, August 24, 2012

Wednesday is shopping

Tea Time

Woke to an aching foot and ankle took an hour of stretching to get the pain to go away.  Morning is started breakfast of eggs, olives, bread, and cheese.  Forks were not provided so it is right hand eating again.  The ride out of town was down and into easy rolling hills.  I find that my helmet is on my head for the first time this trip.  I would not say Moroccan drivers are bad, just overly aggressive in their need to pass.  We get many friendly toots of the horn from passing cars and trucks.  Waving hand and giving thumbs up with some yelling encouragement.  Wish I new what they were yelling.

One easy pass to cross and then more rolling hills.  Glad we bought lunch as food opportunities were few. 
Lots of the hay stacks are covered in a mud layer.

We watched a bus drive onto some tracks then stop.  As we passed the bus a flare was lit to warn the train.  I did not want to stick around to see what happened as I only saw the drive exit the bus.

Souk el Arba Du Rhare (Wednesday is market day)
53.5 Kilometers, 3:12 Moving Time, Max Speed 47.5 k, Moving Average 16.7 k, 
 Stop Time 2:42 Overall Average Speed 10.2 k,   Start 12:30 end 18:00 Accent 285 meters.

Love & Kisses

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