Monday, August 13, 2012


Woke up late and just remember that I might not have sent in my health insurance payment.  Leg feels like crap and is swollen.  A call to the insurance company get me no where as they are closed till morning their time.  So it is time to ride on.  Miss the turn and end up climbing over a large hill to leave town.  The border crossing is relatively easy.  The road is wide and there is bike lane.  It is Ramadan so eating and drink are not done during daylight hours.  People traveling over 14 k are aloud to eat and drink, but it is best not to do it to publicly.  Leaving the coast to Tetouan we find the road narrows and the no bike lane.  In Tetouan the roads are barricaded in places as the king is in town.  Takes a bit of work to push the bikes through the crowd and find the hotel only three blocks from the palace.  We just need to haul the bikes up three floors to the room.  I then off to an internet cafe.  I find I did not send in my check to the health insurance company, but it is easy to correct.  I feel better knowing if I need to see a doctor I am covered.  Also Googled calf tears and am not encouraged by what I read on recovery time and re injury.  Currently I am not wanting to know what a doctor would recommend as that would stop the trip for a while.  Leg has ballooned up so I go to the hotel an elevate the leg. 

49.5 Kilometers, 3::42 Moving Time, Max Speed 37.3 k, Moving Average 13.3 k, 
 Stop Time 5:45 Overall Average Speed 5.2 k,   Start 13:30 end 19:00 Accent 445 meters.

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