Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Do we get to continue

Off in the morning touring the town on the bike.  Looked over the Kasbah near the sea and had again no desire to swim at the public beach.   I saw on car accident. The cars are not allowed to move until the police arrive.  Notice they are bot on the other side of the center line.  In the afternoon we go to find out if we get a visa.  There is a bit of a line as everyone else is also waiting for their visas.  Then Cindy is sent to a separate line for woman.  I give here my receipt for my passport.  Two minutes latter she has our passports.  We have visas to Mauritania multi entry and for 90 days.  Now there is just 2000k part of which is in the Sahara to ride to start crossing the Mauritania section of the Sahara.   The visa starts in three days. 
24.2 Kilometers, 1:52 Moving Time, Max Speed 32.9 k, Moving Average 13.9 k, 
 Stop Time 0:55 Overall Average Speed 8.3 k,   Start 8:30 end 10:00 Accent 147 meters.

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