Sunday, August 26, 2012


More highway with lots of traffic.  The view from the road was of homes and countryside that have little beauty.  Zip through Sales and across the bridge into Rabat.  Then we cross the bridge to Rabat.  Finding our way in Rabat was easy and found the hotel we wanted quickly.  There was no answer at the hotel, but we found another easily as we were in the cheap hotel zone.   We ended the day overlooking the Atlantic once again.  It has been a while since we were close to the sea.  The air is cooler and the dead of Rabat have the best view of the sea.
31.8 Kilometers, 2:09 Moving Time, Max Speed 31.2 k, Moving Average 18.4 k, 
 Stop Time 0:46 Overall Average Speed 13.5 k,   Start 11:30 end 15:00 Accent 72 meters.

Love & Kisses

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