Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Turned out

Woke to a nearby caravan have a long argument.  With no toilets nearby packed quick and headed to the nearest restaurant.  Tried taking back streets but kept ending up on the highway.  Stopped in Rota and tried to head further down the coast.  There was a military base and they did not want us to pass through.  So we decided to take the ferry rather than going around.  In Cadiz found that the nearest camping was only twenty or so kilometers on.  Taking mainly four lane highway rode to the camp. 

While taking a shower I saw a head coming under the shower door.  I put my foot under the door.  After finished the cold show and started washing my cloths.  I was assaulted by the kid’s family with the kids uncle came at me pushing me hard.  He was a short guy with big arms.  This caught me off guard and as I braced I felt a muscle in my calf snap.  My leg was in pain but I kept myself upright against his shoving me.  He was trying to get a fight started with him and I figure his dozen or so family there.  I was accused of kicking a baby.  This young boy was old enough to be looking under shower stalls for what ever pleasure he got from that.  The police were called and took statements from the family.  The police just wanted my passport info.  Then they wanted more info from me at the station as they did not speak any English.  So Cindy and I went off to the police station with wet laundry in hand.  After an hour at the station an officer with limited English ask me three questions.  What was my telephone number?  None.  Where was I staying?  The campsite’s pitch number.  And last how long I had been camping?  Three months, which threw them.  I mention my route Roma, Innsbruck, Geneva, and here.  Then I was free to go.  I checked if they wanted my statement and they did not want it.  We being a number of kilometers away from camp and my leg on ice thanks to Cindy I was not going to limp out of the station without a ride back to camp.  I got my ride and they even turned on the lights and siren for the ride back with a second car for escort.  Left us at the camps gate from where I limped back to our pitch.  Fifteen minutes later police were back and the camp staff.  We were being evicted.  So we packed and while watched by six cops at mid night.  Escorted to the gate past the dad who was yelling threats and left to limp down the rode pushing the bike wonder if the father or the family was going to show up.  Cindy rode off to try to find a hotel as I pushed my bike.  After a kilometer of limping and no near hotels found, I decided to try to ride.   Riding was not as bad as walking as long as I did not stop.  Using the heel of the foot to peddle as flexing the toe end up would get my immediate and undivided attention.  Only 20k later found another campground.  I was in bed by three AM, with knowledge that pervert kids are welcome at Camping La Rana Verde while catching them gets you evicted. 

Later I found I had the campground rule.  Only one on the issue I could find was “Take care of toilette and water places.  WATCH OUT THAT CHILDREN DO NOT PLAY IN THIS AREA”

Las Tres Piedras
73.5 Kilometers, 6:30 Moving Time, Max Speed 47.6 k, Moving Average 13.0 k, 
 Stop Time 14:30, Overall Average Speed 4.1 k,   Start 11:30 end 19:30 Start again 24:00 and end finally 03:00 Accent ? meters.
Sunny and hot

Love & Kisses

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