Friday, August 17, 2012

Into the RifInto the Rif

Leg is felling a little better and I need to move.  So we head up into the Rif hoping the mountain air will be cooler.  The road is hilly and upwards.  It is slow going and very hot.  Along the way I only get three offers for kif or hashish.  Coming to the road up to Chefchaouen and I am nearly out of the 6 liters of water I carry.  The road goes up and up.  So it is low gear for the last 5k up to Chefchaouen.  Then it is into the narrow Medina alleyway to find the hotel.  The first hotel we are looking for has a room and only 3 easy steps up to push the loaded bikes into the room.  I get another offer for kif from the shop next to the hotel selling cold water.  Chefchaouen is a tourist town and food is easy to find just all the restaurants have the same menu.  After drinking 8 liters during the day I find only a little bit does not go out the pores.  I need more water in me. 

63.9 Kilometers, 5:07 Moving Time, Max Speed 65.3 k, Moving Average 12.5 k, 
 Stop Time 3:51 Overall Average Speed 7.1 k,   Start 12:00 end 21:00 Accent 867 meters.
Sunny and hot

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