Friday, August 10, 2012

Playa de Valdevequeros

Calf muscle is still large, but I can stand straight up.  Going past 90 degrees is still not happening.  So I limp on. We are going for a shorter day of riding.  Some had said we should turn inland here.  I heard another say we could ride through.  A quick check of the GPS shows a route along the coast.  One 2k section turned out to be a rough dirt road up a ridge.  With loose dirt and rock there is a lot of pushing to get the bikes up the road.  Leg is not happy.  Then 10 k more and we find a campground that has shade and a little space. 

Playa de Valdevequeros
25.2 Kilometers, 2:38 Moving Time, Max Speed 57.2 k, Moving Average 9.5 k, 
 Stop Time 5:21, Overall Average Speed 3.1 k,   Start 12:30 end 19:30 Accent 398 meters.
Sunny and hot

Love & Kisses

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