Monday, August 27, 2012

Embassay wait

We are up early to get a visa from Mauritania Embassy with letters in French telling that we would love to visit their country.  We make at around nine which is opening time at the office in the embassy wall.  We get visa applications and franticly fill them out while waiting in line, with me looking over Cindy’s shoulder to figure out what to put in each box.  Cindy’s does have a bit more French than me.  I need to get on to lesson 3 in beginning French on tape.  They won’t let us put Oct 1 as the entry date, but insist on Sept 1.  That means 2000k in three days that will be interesting to get there in time.  Seventy dollars later and two pictures they have everything for the application. Now we must wait till tomorrow afternoon to see if we can go on.  
(no pics)
10.8 Kilometers, 0:38 Moving Time, Max Speed 32.9 k, Moving Average 16.8 k, 
 Stop Time 0:48 Overall Average Speed 7.7 k,   Start 8:30 end 10:00 Accent 72 meters.

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