Thursday, August 23, 2012


We are on the road again after a long rest.  The road is hilly with regular climbs.  Road follow a various valleys and it feels good to be back on the bike.  Calf and foot are good, but I am still peddling with my heel.  I am trying to avoid an additional rupture of the muscle.  Trying to stretch and work the calf and achilles muscle and tendons without more damage.  Atrophy of the muscle can be as bad as the tear.  On the road we are not prepared for lunch as we find places saying they are restaurants but not serving food.  After a half dozen places along the road we find a place offering us omelets.   Then a bit more riding and we are in Quazzane.  All we have is the address of the hotel we want and the GPS is not any help as it shows only six street of the city.  But the hotel has put up signs that we follow across town to the alley it is on.  Dinner is another challenge talking a restaurant into making us Vegi Tangin.  It is the best we have had so far and the cheapest.  Just need to wash the right hand before eating. 

70 Kilometers, 4:48 Moving Time, Max Speed 55.6 k, Moving Average 14.6 k, 
 Stop Time 3:25 Overall Average Speed 8.5 k,   Start 11:00 end 20:00 Accent 667 meters.
Sunny and hot

Love & Kisses


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Cinderella Servranckx said...

What did you put in my shirt Steve?! Hands off, mind you, we're in Morocco! Is it your toiletroll you hide in my green wide shirt? yes, I think you did!