Wednesday, August 22, 2012

No not the Hair

I went for a hair cut today.  Sorry Heather but I could not wait till I got back.  Communication was limited with the barber so I got mostly what I wanted, but the back might be starting a Mullet.  With two mirrors and a Leatherman tool I think I can fix it.  Then I took a bike ride to scout another possible route out of the mountain town.  In the afternoon I packed a bit and explored the town some more.  Foot and calf are doing well till evening when the ankle ended up swollen.  Still feeling good that the leg is healing as when I got to town I could only go for very short walks limping.  I still have a slight limp as the foot still does not have full range of motion, but the leg can go a good ways up and down the many stairs and steep paths of town.

10 Kilometers, 0:55 Moving Time, Max Speed 31.4 k, Moving Average 11.4 k, 
 Stop Time 0:48 Overall Average Speed 5.1 k,   Start 11:00 end 13:00 Accent 158 meters.
Sunny and hot

Love & Kisses


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