Thursday, August 2, 2012

Seville 2

A day in Seville and I wanted to get my bike tuned up a bit for Africa.  I found a bike shop on line but it was across town.  Only two bridge crossings and I found the shop.  They change out the rear cassette for free.  Now I am back to the normal mountain bike cassette which is slightly faster and a little harder to climb hills.  On the way back to the hotel I spot a nice place in a empty park to work on the bike.  Replace the chain which was not feeling right with the new cassette.  Chain had stretched a inch or so I tossed it.   Change out the rear brake pads and put on the Marathon RX tire on the rear.  As I started to cleanup I hear a hiss.  It is the rear tire stem.  I did not have my spare tubes with me.  It being siesta and not knowing where a shop would be I carried the rear of my bike to the hotel.  It was just over 2 kilometers back to the hotel.  Once fixed and siesta over I went out looking for more tire tubes and brake pads.  Starting at the shop the hotel desk sent me to I only need to visit 7 shops to find the bike tube that fit my bike.  I was thinking of sending home one of the spare tires.  I decide that if finding a tube for the tire I decide that that I will not be able to find spare tires in Africa.  So I am staying with two.  In the evening went out with Cindy for dinner and a photo shoot of the town. 

34.7 Kilometers, 4:07 Moving Time, Max Speed 32.0 k, Moving Average 8.4 k, 
 Stop Time 5:57, Overall Average Speed 3.4 k,   Start 12:00 end 19:30 Accent 77 meters.
Sunny and hot

Love & Kisses

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