Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I spent a little time drying out my gear as I did not put up the tarp over the tent.  Tent leaked, still have not had a day to seam seal the tent.  I headed west after having no luck in town finding internet as I wanted to know more about the fire.  I did  run across on church that looked a bit run down.  I thought it would be popular with the pirate types.  Yes, more medieval towns.  At the base of the hill I notice that it is 2 mile of switchbacks to take me to the town Ascevia directly above me.  Go for diner in town where there is Kirk and the aliens speaking Italian on the tube (I thought everyone in space spoke English).  There is a camp just outside town and down the hill I just climbed. 
23.5 miles 3:55 hr / max speed 29.6 / avg moving speed 6.0 / stopped time 4:35 / 2300 ft total ascent. (Thunderstorms with heavy rain) 
Love & kisses

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