Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Start at dawn.  I found that there is another number to get a picture of.  It is only ten miles in 10 degree weather to get the picture of the sign.  This time the ticket is valid for the ferry ride.  Arrive after dark in the rain.  Did check that there was camping in town.  So I headed to the campground.  Found that they do not take tent campers, but have a map for me to a place that takes tents only two miles away.  Also found British get upset when I ride on the wrong side of the rode, with one cab blocking the rode to make his point.  In Holland they did not care which side of the road they you were on.  Camping was behind a pub and a nice spot. 
30.8 miles 3:58 hr / max speed 24.8 / avg moving speed 7.8 / stopped time 4:56 / 559 ft total ascent. (Cloudy with a bit of rain) 
Love & kisses

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