Friday, September 10, 2010


So the next town is on the hill over there

Can't decide witch exact spot the Romans lost.
After drying out a little I found that I was where Hanniba had a battle here.  Hannibal‘s army past above the Roman army in their fortified encampment.  Romans did not engage Hannibal‘s army as Hannibal forces were larger.  The Roman decided to follow Hannibal around the lake.  Hannibal was waiting for this and trapped the roman army against the lake.  The Romans did not do well in the encounter.  I then took the road to Cortona which had a great view of the valley below.  Another nice medieval city.  From there I crossed the valley to Lucicnano.  In the valley they have been raising the fields by letting the river flood an area and the river sediment is trapped allowing the field be raised up as it was marsh land years ago.  Figured out the nearest camping was Siena.  Leaving town at near 6:00 new I would not make it before dark.  Sign at the top of the show 45k to Siena.  Bottom of the hill which was a few kilometers it showed 35.  I liked that.  A couple of kilometers further there was a sign showing 37k..  I just kept going and made it within 4 miles before it was dark.  Good signs and camp was easy to find.
65.6 miles 7:28 hr / max speed 33.7 / avg moving speed 8.8 / stopped time 5:08 / 3840 ft total ascent. (Rain in the morning then afternoon sunny win a eastern head wind)
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