Saturday, September 11, 2010

San Gimignano

I spent the morning wandering about Siena.  Once around the race track (plaza) with the bike.  Statue of Remus and Romulus with mom were everywhere. Mom taught them well and they turned out being good Romans. Romulus kills Remus in a disagreement over where Rome should be built. Some churches were over welling with all that was on them. The road to Castellna was all up hill. It had a nice Castle on the top of the hill. I coasted to Poggibonsi where I decide to go onto San Gimignano. It is a nice town with lots of towers through the town and it was only 11k.
42.9 miles 5:47 hr / max speed 31.1 / avg moving speed 7.4 / stopped time 4:03 / 2751 ft total ascent. (Sunny win a northern head wind)
Love & kisses

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