Friday, September 3, 2010


Dreaming of croissants

Vowel cost extra. Went back and tour the town of Cres in the daylight. More narrow streets that wind about. They have two monasteries. I wonder if brothers took a vow of silences and are not talking. I head over the rocky island to the port on the other side. Rock piles are every where as they try to clear small patches for fields. I did not see any vultures as the island has some that have almost a three meter wing span. Krk is another rock island with a medieval city named Krk.

Asked the tourist office if any of the camps were nicer for tent camping. She assured me that the camp was not crowded as it can hold 2500 people and it only had 1200. They do not understand. After wondering town I head to camp and enjoy a swim. The nudist camp in on the other side of the bay.


27.9 miles 4:34 hr / max speed 37.3 / avg moving speed 6.1 / stopped time 6:30 / 2429 ft total ascent. (Sunny with rain at night)

Love & kisses



Cinderella Servranckx said...

Hi Steve, I am enjoying this part! Is it former Yugoslavia? Kroatia? Oh, Steve, I don't want you to ask too much, you already did some more photo's of yourself, that is really nice bacause people get a better idea of it all. But... could you write down the country each time you ame a new chapter, hahaha... I also do that and maybe it is a good idea because even me, as a 'seasoned traveller', don't know where you are?!?!?!?!?

Cinderella Servranckx said...

Ah, a swim, in that heavenly blue ocean... that must be so terrible awesome good, supreme.... I never got to swim... men, I should head to these area's instead of all those islamic ones ; ) No complaint, just enjoying your blog right now. have to go wotk though, but see you soon, I am looking forward to that! Do you like Japanese/Chinese kind of stuff to eat? Or rather tasty Indian? You say it... Anything but no Dutch...