Monday, September 13, 2010


I spent the morning touring Firenze some more. Then I went west to Pistoia which did not live up to the description given. Decide to go to Lucca as they have a nice big hostel. Just outside town the sky opens up with a downpour. I seek shelter in a café. An hour later the rain is still going strong, but it is going on six and I am going to loose the light if I wait any longer. I am riding in heavy traffic and would prefer to do it while they can see me. I get to Lucca at sunset and the streets are lit with torches. I head for the hostel through crowded streets. There is a festival and the hostel plus the town are fully booked on a Monday night. I would love to hang out, but the only camping is over 20 miles away on the coast. I ride on in the dark and the rain. Get to a camp at ten with the rain stopping only a couple of miles before.
76.0 miles 8:11 hr / max speed 31.6 / avg moving speed 9.3 / stopped time 4.36 / 1898 ft total ascent. (Afternoon into evening rain)
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Cinderella Servranckx said...

Here I read you stopped at 4 something o'clock but you also say it is dark when you reach the campspot?! Explain please....