Thursday, September 30, 2010

West Stow

Time passeth away like away Shadow..

The fierce hedgehog gargoyle

I spent a little time drying out the gear in the morning.  Then it was off to the fins.  Need to make a call and found most phone booths are kept for appearances with no working phone.  Yes, you could be a bell ringer and hearing impairment is not a problem.   Another church appears to be weighing souls literally.   Going through the town of Bury St Edmond I though they should take up a collection and get St Edmond in the ground.  I found a great camping spot in the woods.  I did wonder if a dog walker would find my camp when my bike decided to fall over as he passed by.
61.5 miles 6:58 hr / max speed 28.8 / avg moving speed 8.8 / stopped time 12.41 / 1762 ft total ascent. (Cloudy with a bit of rain off and on) 
Love & kisses

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