Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I slept a little on the ferry rapping my self around armrests. Should have grab my sleeping pad. I roamed Ancona seeing the sites and waiting for the tourist office to open in hopes of finding a map. I did get a map and then tried a McDonalds for internet, but they wanted my European tax number to access the system. So I headed out into the hills. I quickly find that the towns are on the hilltops. I end up going up one hill after another to see the towns. This is Machiavelli country. Yea the guy who wrote about the prince and how to rule without having political difficulties.

As evening approached I could not find an open tourist office. GPS gave me a campground 12 miles away but I did not trust it. Found a spot with internet and found out a fire was threatening my home possibly. I was distracted me a bit as I looked for more information on the fire. Finally saw that there was a camp near the town the GPS was suggesting. I was off for a night ride. The towns on the hills lighted up their fortress walls which was nice to see as I road. Found the town and there was a sign leading to the camp. I was in bed by ten.
58.8 miles 8:32 hr / max speed 42.0 / avg moving speed 6.9 / stopped time 5:44 / 4599 ft total ascent. (Sunny with rain in the night)
Love & kisses

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