Thursday, September 9, 2010


Which bible story was this

I got going back up to Arcevia as the road goes through town to head west. Going through the hills was a good ride. I checked out Gubbio with its walled city. I have not seen any foreign type restaurants in Italy so far. Maybe it is because the food is good here. Their gondola you get to stand upright.  In Umbertide there is a festival in town and it looks like it involves a coffin with lots of happy people around it. Tourist office closed early and the police point to camping locations miles away and said there were hills involved. I find the internet finally and the house is fine. The camps are miles away so I head out to one. Only 12k further when it turns dark and I am blinded by the lighting ahead. At 10k left the rain starts and continues all the way to camp.
78.8 miles 9:03 hr / max speed 35.0 / avg moving speed 8.7 / stopped time 4:21 / 4083 ft total ascent. (Thunder showers through the day)
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