Sunday, September 12, 2010


Justice in not blind

Clock with seasonal adjustments

Yes it is a circus

I spent some time looking at San Gimignano with its towers. As I started down the road a group of cyclist passed me. I followed them as they seem to know the road. I hung with them for 9 miles as they headed north. There was no drafting, but I used them to follow there line down the winding road. At Certaldo I checked out the old part of town on the hill. From there I headed across the hills to Florance and made it there in the late afternoon. First hostel I tried had a room. It was an old convent and they put me in a room with three Germen girls. They put there beds together on the other side of the room. I do not ask why. I take a late evening tour of the town. A bike is the way to go as you can zip past the wading ice cream suckers. All the churches are having mass so no viewing the insides of the churches. Glad I sprang the couple extra euros for the four person room as the 20 person room can hear the opera next door with no loss in clarity.
48.3 miles 6:30 hr / max speed 33.4 / avg moving speed 7.4 / stopped time 6:00 / 2672 ft total ascent. (Sunny win a northern head wind)
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