Saturday, September 18, 2010

Saint Maurice

Moving cow can be hard work


I was on the road at first light and looking for food.  Found some prepackage croissants which do, but are not great.  Then up the Great Saint Bernard Pass (big puppy pass).  Only 15 miles up, but the grade was not bad.  Did not see any elephants, but I think I saw a pink cow.   Last farm in the valley was pumping his shit pond into the river which got me to peddle faster.  A couple miles up I could see that the river was still running brown.  Maybe that’s the special minerals in the Saint Bernard bottled water.   Clouds were threatening rain but it held off as went up the pass.  A kilometer from the top it started snowing (first snow of the season).  Snow was not sticking.  At the top a few pups were out for a walk, but I could not see any whiskey barrels.  Then full layers a quick brake adjustment and I was flying down the pass stopping to let my cheeks get some feeling back.  I finally hit the tunnels and was warmed a bit.  When the tunnels ended it was raining, but I was in my rain gear for warmth to I zipped on.  In Sembrancher saw the locals in full traditional garb and carrying large cowbells.  When I saw the food stalls I stopped for the traditional food.  It was just in time for the walking of the cows.  Then when down the valley a bit further.
58.7 miles 7:12 hr / max speed 44.1 / avg moving speed 8.1 / stopped time 5:46 / 4926 ft total ascent. (A little snow and rain in the afternoon) 
Love & kisses

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Cinderella Servranckx said...

Hi Steve, isn't it about time to update your blog : ) I would like to see all those numbers you have found, and ofcourse the last part....
How is it back home nowadays, already settled a bit? I hope so, have a great time, enjoy. Best regards Cindy