Thursday, September 2, 2010


I wander a bit more in Pula as the interesting bits are scattered about. When the kids are done with playing on the swing set they can play in the sarcophagus. Only found mosaic of Dirce because the guide book gave the general area. Then I needed to ask directions which were through a car park, around a tree, and up a dead end alley and look down to the right. And it was there. By using a trash can I found more mosaics near a grocery store.. Tourist map for bikes put me in heavy traffic. Tried side roads and wander the hills. Thought I was doing good for time, but the ferry sent a bit of time cleaning before the next run so when I got to Cres it was near sunset. Figure from the guide book map 10k, but the sign said 25k to the next town where the camping was. Thought about camping wild, but I was not seeing enough space on the rock covered grown to sleep without moving a lot of rocks. Finding my light is a bit week and need to change batteries before going down hill in the dark as I like to see more than ten meter in front of me as I zip down hill. Light did get in the way a bit when I was keeping ahead of the car behind me and then found the turn was a bit sharper than I planned for. Light kept me from getting to the good brake so after barely missing the wall I kept it in the other hand. Camp was open when I got there just before 10, but no food so I will need to start carrying more provisions in the future.
77.1 miles 9:02 hr / max speed 35.8 / avg moving speed 8.5 / stopped time 6:01 / 4707 ft total ascent. (Sunny )
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