Monday, September 20, 2010

Sainte Croix

So I checked out Lausanne a bit and then headed north.  I could have taken the valley, but I ended up going over the hill to the next town by a lake.  Found out it was a local holiday and that was why all the stores were closed on a Monday.  I stocked up on a little food when I found a store open.  Then further north to St Croix as I like the name of the town.  This one I should have gone around the hill as I spent the afternoon climbing the hill towards the town.  Near the top the sun was setting so I camped behind an old gun emplacement.  It was hiding in the forest and so was I.  I am near the border with France so there are a lot of old gun emplacements.  So they don’t trust the French or the other management that ran France for a while.  I keep hearing ring in my ears.  Yes there are lots of cow bells in the valleys below as I fall asleep.
41.8 miles 5:54 hr / max speed 32.8 / avg moving speed 7.1 / stopped time 4:30 / 4498 ft total ascent. (Some clouds) 
Love & kisses

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