Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hoek Van Holland

Got a early start and found the next river ferry running or it would have been a long trip around.  I was feeling good as I found more numbers.  Then I came to a new region where the signs had no numbers.  I tried to document which sign should go with which number, but it did not feel right.  I was thinking of the rooky DJ at a radio station who says “this is station 99 I will take the 99 caller”.  At call 50 the DJ makes a mental note not to do that again.   I am also glad I did not do something silly like going 1 to 99.  At least what I am doing has purpose and is worthwhile.  I then had to come up with a new route to make up for missed numbers in the last area.  So I rode out of that region and into another which did have numbers.   I got a couple of more bike tunnels in under rivers.   I need to remember to hold the front brake when going down the escalators. 
101 miles 10:26 hr / max speed 29.3 / avg moving speed 9.7 / stopped time 10:43 / 1141 ft total ascent. (Cloudy with a bit of rain) 
Love & kisses

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