Tuesday, September 21, 2010


So I got up with the sun and headed into St Croix.  Found croissants and then started my wanderings north.  Nice hilly country side.  France also had old gun emplacements facing the Swiss.  No one wants to be left out.  Maybe they should have put it near the Belgium border and things may have gone better for them a while back.  Then down into the French country side were there were even older gun emplacements.  As I climb the hills I review the map and found that the road I was taking did not connect to the next cross road, but went to a view point.  As I was close I went to the top which had a nice view from a cliff of the valley below.  I did not try the short cut of using the trail even though it could be a fun adventure as I checked travel guides and there was a cool cave with a river flowing out of it at the top of the valley.  I was not disappointed with the cave entrance.  They did not let anyone in the cave.  Then I found my way into the valley.  I spotted a nice camp that was empty by the river. A sign on the board said the warden would be by in the evening.  I setup camp and hoped the toilet would open. 
50.3 miles 4:58 hr / max speed 33.6 / avg moving speed 10.1 / stopped time 5:09 / 2358 ft total ascent. (A few clouds) 
Love & kisses

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