Thursday, September 23, 2010


So I caught the early morning train to Verdun.  Ok the last part of the trip was on a bus, but it waited for a second person before driving to Verdun.  I ran across a union protest march in Verdun.  There were old tunnels under the fort at Verdun which ended up being more amusement park ride than seeing the tunnels.   Off to the hills and other forts around Verdun.  The forts are mainly in ruin as they were taken and retake during the Great War.  In one battle a million shells dropped in the valley.  Forest now surround the old forts as the land still is upturned from the shelling and creator holes can still be seen everywhere.  By the end of the war a 60 million shells were fired into the valley and half a million men lost there lives fighting over the ground.  I headed on toward Luxembourg.  As evening approached I started following the GPS directions to a camp site.  It was taking me under the biggest thunder cloud around.  As I felt the concussion of more thunder I still wonder if the bike is a aluminum lightning rod.  A lady waves me over after passing me in her car.  I make out she is offering camping and something about sheep as did say “bah”.  She was very talkative in French and speaking more and faster did not help, when I indicated I did not understand.  So I followed her, a couple of miles to a farm.  I was introduced to the owner who spoke English and they did run some camping.  They had me stay in the dining room as they did not think it was good camping weather with the poring rain.
66.4 miles 7:04 hr / max speed 33.7 / avg moving speed 9.4 / stopped time 4:01 / 3567 ft total ascent. (Clear in the morning and rain in the evening) 
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