Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Another day and would you believe more rain. Not as much as the day before. I was riding to south on a bike path a pair of Bichon Frise came after me. I kept them going for over a half mile before I picked up my pace. They were suddenly realized that there master was no longer with them or in sight. Further on came to Werfen castle. It was used in “Where Eagles Dare” with Clint Eastwood, Richard Burton and Mary Ure. In weapon display learned that a Scottish priest developed the percussion cap make guns more effective. Hurried on and found camp as the rain returned hard. I decided not to go into town for food as the rain continued
49.8 mile 5:51 hr / max speed 26.1 / avg moving speed 8.5 / stopped time 3:24 / 2512 ft total ascent. (Rain then drizzle, evening rain)
Love & kisses

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