Sunday, August 29, 2010


I think there is a patent on this

I started the morning drying out everything as the sun reappeared.  Then off to visiting a castle built into a cave.  After that I went on to Skocjan Jama the big cave.  Jules Verne would have consider this a good opening into the world below.  Camera might have done ok if I had had a tripod and kept  the picture going for over 10 seconds.  As pictures were not allowed my few shots of the cave show mainly darkness.  So just envisage a very large cavern with a river running far below and on the far wall  hundreds of steps leading down to the bottom.  The cave also rise high above your head and way up there is a stick lodged in the ceiling from when the cave was plug up down stream in Italy for a couple of days and the water filled the cavern.  Pressure built and then suddenly Italy was a bit cleaner along a river.  They did not have any inter tubes for floating to Italy.  You can see a section where the water flows from a cave on side of a short valley to the other into the cave I was in.  A short distance away found a nice camp in a large field where the few other tent campers spread out giving lots of room between camp sites.
32.3 miles 3:49 hr / max speed 40.8 / avg moving speed 8.9 / stopped time 5:04 / 1799 ft total ascent. (Sun with a few clouds) 
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