Friday, August 20, 2010


It was an easy ride into the next town; of course I went on bike trail up and around hills above town before entering it from the other side. Trail start down a nice small river and then turned on me. Tourist office was no good at knowing where sporting good shop were. Did not find any thing I liked so I pushed on. A few more hills and I was in Klagenfurt. The tourist office actually new where a bike shop was and it had the my pannier bag. They only come in pairs. They gave me a discount and the two were only 100 Euros. I am feeling a bit up now that I have new panniers to put cloths in. I looked a little more for cloths, before the store closed, but found nothing. As I had already tried both hostels I decided to try the camp in town and see if it would be as bad as I assumed camping in town was. Yes it was dirt and noisy, but I could start shopping for cloths in the morning early. It did have internet so I got to update the blog.
45.9 mile 6:47 hr / max speed 37.6 / avg moving speed 6.7 / stopped time 4:39 / 1415 ft total ascent. (sunny I am shocked)
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