Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Rainy morning and I decide not to climb the peaks today. Drop the laptop from 6 feet, to start the morning. It runs but the hinge and corner will never look the same. As I am checking my email as the post man drops off the mail and has his morning beer. Spend the day checking out the town and cleaning the bike. First time the bike has been cleaned on this trip. Grease and dirt were thick around the chain and gears. Also put new brake pads on the rear of the bike.   Guy rowing the boat can easily take 20 people on board and row with ease across the lake. Go to bed early for an early start.
13.5 mile 3:35 hr / max speed 22.6 / avg moving speed 3.7 (Slow day) / stopped time 6:22 / 849 ft total ascent. (Rain)
Love & kisses

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