Sunday, August 15, 2010


In the first town I came up with a great idea.  Unfortunately the gondola did not take bikes.  So I peddle on.  Next town tourist office was open.  The girl got upset when I asked about a small road shortening the way to Salzburg.  I was told I must stick to the roads highlighted on the map she was giving me.  Looking at a map of the town there were two bike ways to take that were heading the route I wanted to take.  She could not tell me, which was a better route to take, even though they started less than 100 meters from her office.  And one of the routes was not on the bike map she gave me.  I planned to take the short cut.  Passed a one trail head where you could soak your feet after a long hike.  Came to the short cut and notice that main road was blocked off and all the traffic was being sent up the short cut.  As the main road was blocked I took it as there was no traffic.  A few miles down came upon a triathlon race, with the racers just finishing swimming and hoping on their bikes.  I slipped along with the racers.  Then the route head of around a hill.  It must have been an important race as helicopter was being used to film parts of it below.  I should have stayed on the race coarse to get on the evening news.  Then the route followed the river into Salzburg.  Now for the “Sound of Music” and Mozart. 
42.1 mile 4:36 hr / max speed 32.3 / avg moving speed 9.1 / stopped time 1:42 / 1861 ft total ascent. (Evening rain) 
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Cinderella Servranckx said...

Salzburg is Austria?!?!?! Where are you, how did you go?! This is Europe and I don't get it at all?! Why don't you go to India or Pakistan and then I will get the whole route automaticly ; )