Monday, August 16, 2010


Change hostels in the morning only 6 in town and one does not talk to the other. In the heavy rain between hostels I ran into a youth hostel office and got them to find me an opening. Then went and hung out at the internet center (McDonalds). As the rain went away for a while and I explored Salzburg. Everyone else was there also. Wonder into one church and I was finely alone. Checked the map notes about the place and it is part of the convent (still active) that Maria attend from the “Sound of Music”. Others must not know what the place is and tour groups are not welcome. I was nice to see the place alone. Then more rain and I caught up with my blog. Austria is the hold out in the EU as I was reminded at dinner when the person at the next table lit up and smoke drifted across my table. I have forgotten the joy of breathing others cigarette smoke while dining.
21.9 mile 3:36 hr / max speed 22.1 / avg moving speed 6.1 / stopped time 3:30 / 1409 ft total ascent. (Rain cleared and then more rain)
Love & kisses

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Cinderella Servranckx said...

Yeah right: how nice to smoke along, especially if u urself are not a smoker. This town, salzburg doesn't sound too lovely... people not talking to one and another?!