Monday, August 9, 2010


Started the morning finding a map to help plan route and what there is to see.  As my English is not working here, I reached for my European dictionary.  After a quick look through it I notice it is western European dictionary.  So I am left with hand signs.  Still try to figure out which door has men’s written on it in Czech.  Saw a sign directing me to a point of interest, but was not sure what it was.  It turned out to be a mineral spring covered by a gazebo.  The minerals in the water seem good for people to write their name on the gazebo, so I did not try any.  At six I start looking for a camp and the nearest is only 20 miles.  Arrive after the sun has set again.  Could not find any ground that was dry.  Just went for high ground in the camping area to avoid the mud.
63.0 mile 7:45 hr / max speed 34.7 / avg moving speed 8.1 / stopped time 3:45 / 3107 ft total ascent. (Just some clouds) 
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