Thursday, August 26, 2010



Summit 1 Sija 1880m

Long way

Short Way

Summit 2 Vogel 1922m
Summit 3 No name

Summit 4 Tolminski Kuk 2085m

Summit 5 Vrh Planje 1921m
I get my early start and am off to climb a ridge.  It is just a twenty mile bike ride to the base.  There is a camp at the base so I setup my tent and leave the bike and gear in camp.  The approach that takes five minutes to get to the gondola (yea I am getting soft).  From the gondola I take the chair lift.  If all hills could be this easy.  There was the 40 minute walk to the first summit Sija.  The view was typical for me and was less than 50 meters.  No chance of seeing the Adriatic Sea today.  Then I worked my way along the ridge line.  I found the next summit with the same view.  I continue on going in and out of the clouds.  Come to a fork around 3:30 where I can take the nice easy way out. Or I can go up.  I go up.  Next summit I find sun with a little view.  Next summit over 2000m has sun also.   Ridge line is getting trickier with cliffs on both sides and loose talus slope to walk on.  Then one more summit and I head down the rock trail.  Need to break a lot as the trail has lots of loose stones.  Near sunset come across a hut and stop in for a quick drink.  People sitting at the tables give me the look as who are you.  I must be looking good and they are the reason I did not see anyone on most of the ridge,   I smile and head for the bar for a quick drink.  Bar tender checks if I have a have a light, as I return the bottle.  Just a few more miles of rocky switch backs in the dark and I am down to the road and the knees are aching.  I gave the one car a chance to give me a ride but no luck as I walk the couple of miles back to camp.  Bread did not keep so with a little trimming I have cheese for dinner as there is nothing open at 10:30. 
Bike 21.2 miles / hike 18.6 miles 10:26 hr / max speed 23.8 / avg moving speed 3.8 / stopped time 3:55 / 6164 ft total ascent. (Clouds) 
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