Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I thought about heading to Bovec instead of Bled, but I lost count of the switchbacks on the map in front of the bookstore showing the route to Bovec. I will save that on for later. Head to Bled and finally enter Slovenia. Run across this squirrel house. I find a nice route into Bled. I come across a village that was destroyed by the Germans as a reprisal for partisans capture two of there men. Twenty four from the village burned with there homes. Just finish a short book on the Black and Tans which made light of there work doing reprisals, as they were justified or the others did worst things. Finishing with they were just doing their job. And if they were allowed they could have won against the IRA also noted that they helped make Ireland what it is today. It is interesting how people can justify kill of random civilians for their cause.
In Bled I was hanging out in the backpacker hostel bar when a guy explains to me that all his boat equipment recommends not boating alone and how would I like to canoe with him. I thought great line for a guide to use. I am game and we head up the block to load his canoe on his car. His neighbor offers to run the shuttle. We stop for beer needed for the trip. I get the beer as he is providing the boat. River has regular little ripple which are mainly rock bars. There was a small dam which we just went strait over. It was a nice hour run a crystal clear river. Then there was the drinking session at small fishing lodge. Glad I was not driving. My guide complained about the other drivers as we passed them on the windy road. Seatbelt “check”. As I saw another hard round of drinking was ahead I went to bed. Yes I am a light weight drinking as most days I don’t indulge as I am riding to find camp after dinner.
44.5 mile 5:01 hr / max speed 57.6 / avg moving speed 8.9 / stopped time 4:00 / 2515 ft total ascent. (Some clouds)
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