Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Store Spiellep

So in the morning I went shopping for a GPS. Found the same model GPS in the stores for twice the price I paid for my old one. I went with the store that had the bike mount for the GPS. No maps or SD card came with the GPS. But I had a SD card and had the GPS configure with maps in ten minute. Then I was off heading south. I had a bit of a head wind. It took a while to get out of the city. Then I went along the coast. I ran across one church that part had fallen into the sea. Around dusk found a nice camp ground. The other bike tour people bought the first round and I got the second.
62.8 mile 6:08 hr / max speed 18.7 / avg moving speed 10.2 / stopped time 3:27 / 597 ft total ascent. (Evening rain)
Love & kisses

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